Are you an Imposter at work?

being an imposter at work

Why you should be yourself in the workplace and not wear your corporate mask

Are you being an Imposter at work.  Do you have a different ‘home’ you and ‘work’ you? If so, you’re certainly not alone. In the professional world, it’s been ingrained in a lot of us that we must present a ‘work-friendly’ version of ourselves. But, if you’re leaving part of your personality behind when you walk through the office door, your’e possibly wearing your corporate mask and selling yourself short in your career.  There are a lot of benefits from being your authentic self at work.

Five reasons why being yourself in the workplace will make you happier and more successful in your job.

1.  You’ll enjoy your job more

First things first, like in any area of your life, you’ll feel far more relaxed when you’re being your authentic self.  You will not waste energy trying to convince people you are someone else.  Furthermore, the energy you save from dropping the corporate mask, you can dedicate to challenging yourself in your role and finding true satisfaction in what you do. Hopefully, in turn, you’ll feel more excited and engaged in your job.

2.  You’ll feel more confident

Not only will you feel more relaxed when you’re behaving authentically, but you’ll likely find that you feel more confident in yourself too. When you craft a business persona for yourself, the act of deciphering how you think people do and don’t want you to behave can breed uncertainty and self-consciousness. But, when you come to the decision to embrace your authentic self, you’ll begin to second-guess yourself less. This will give you the confidence to voice your thoughts and ideas with more conviction.

3.  You’ll connect better with other people

People have an instinct for sniffing out a fake i.e the imposter at work.  If you’re behaving in a false way, it’s likely that those around you are aware of it. You’re much better simply being yourself, as people are much more receptive to those they perceive as genuine. You’ll be in a much better position to forge strong relationships at work, as when you’re comfortable sharing your true self with others, they are more likely to open up and do the same with you.

4.  It will build trust

Being authentic at work demonstrates to others that you’re an honest individual who can be trusted. Because who wants to listen to somebody who isn’t straight with then? While wearing a ‘corporate mask’ may be done with the best intentions, people are inspired by genuineness.

5.  You’ll learn about culture fit

Of course, it’s not always possible to be your authentic self at work if the company culture does not align with your own personality and values. But, while it’s perfectly reasonable to adapt your behaviour for certain settings, e.g. a client meeting, if you find that you’re having to suppress your entire personality to fit in, this may be indicative that the business or industry is not a good fit for you.

If you are an ‘Imposter at work’ who is wearing your corporate mask and want to find out how to remove it without feeling vulnerable; then book a 30 minute discovery call with me to identify how you can do this.  Our Behind the Mask training and coaching programme is highly recommended.

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  1. Mark says:

    Spot on – I couldn’t agree more. There is also the wellbeing aspect as it is much better for you to be yourself!

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