Authenticity and Mental Health

Live authentically and stay healthy

My Story – Conformity versus authentically 

Like many people, I have spent a large period of my life trying to be someone I am not, for all sorts of reasons. The main reason is often conformity or believing you have to act in a certain way in order to be seen as credible and respected. Conformance is encouraged from many directions:

Parents (upbringing)





To please others

Did conforming make me happy or successful? The truth is, no. I was miserable and also found this alter ego did not serve me well.  

Imposter Syndome

Nowadays it is also known as ‘Imposter Syndrome’ which means that the individual projects an image of someone else other than themselves.  The imposter has taken over their life.

I believed that I needed to prove something to others, particularly those in authority or seniority (both in position and age).  In the long run this facade left me feeling tired, unhappy and it affected my overall well-being and health.

If you are not living authentically this will have a detrimental effect on your well-being.  As a result this will affect other members of your household or your team at work. If you have children, you need to consider the effects it has on them growing up.  Ultimately it could influence their view or map of the world.

For a number of people, living a lie is sometimes easier than facing the truth or confronting issues.  Furthermore, the longer the facade goes on the more pressure and stress you put on yourself to keep up those appearances.  

Link between authenticity and mental health

In addition to this,  it’s exhausting to live in-authentically.  In the long term it can develop into a physical or mental health problem.  Hence, this will affect our ability to function effectively in our work and home life.

For many of you reading this article you may be able to relate to these feelings and recognise that you are not being the authentic you.  Next time you look in the mirror ask yourself ‘who is that person looking back at me’

In conclusion, I would ask you to take some time out to reflect on the real you.  Make a decision to live authentically and this will lead to a happier, fulfilled and successful life.

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