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Best Personal Coaching Consultancy 2018!

2018 UK awards

Yes, We got it right!  ‘Best Personal Coaching Consultancy 2018’. Andree Funnell, owner of Aspiring Future Competence (AFC) is delighted to announce that AFC is the winner of the: SME News – Enterprise Award for ‘Best Personal Coaching Consultancy 2018’. Based on the delivery of consistently high-quality coaching programmes with exceptional performance outcomes, along with […]


Quiz image for authenticity and self confidence

AUTHENTICITY AND SELF CONFIDENCE Lack of Authenticity and self confidence can generate feelings of anxiety and hopelessness as a result of hiding your authentic self. Being your authentic self will be more rewarding and give you fulfilment and satisfaction in the things you do in life. Answer the question to the best of your self-knowledge […]

Individual Coaching Programmes

Coaching Programmes What’s it about? All our Business Coaching Programmes are bespoke and tailored to meet the individual needs of each of our clients. Each session with your Coach is unique and the Coachee drives the agenda. We pride ourselves in working with organisations to achieve performance improvement by changing behaviour. We do this by developing bespoke coaching programmes that […]