‘Behind the Mask’ Accelerator Programme

It’s the start of 2020 and I have a fantastic offer for you!!

As you may already know, I’m a motivational speaker and author (not a best selling one yet!). I published my debut ground-breaking self-help book called ’Behind the Mask’ in July 2019.

Behind the Mask is much more than an ordinary self-help book. Put quite simply, it is an essential step by step guide to turning your life around and achieving the kind of life you deserve.

This is where ‘Behind the Mask can have a life changing impact on the way you think and the way you act. It’s easy to read and easy to follow and will help you discover your true self, the mask you wear and why you wear it. Furthermore, it is full of practical advice and techniques that will help you overcome the walls you’ve built through your life that limit both your potential and your happiness.

Principles of the Accelerator Programme

Our Accelerator Programmes follows the principles of the book but the difference is you are supported through the programme my none other than myself.

Both the book and coaching programme have already made quite an impact with those that have embarked on that journey of self-discovery.  This is a testimonial from one of my clients;


Behind The Mask’ is a practical guide to realising the potential of our true selves. Most of us are in some way held back by limited beliefs, trapped by unconscious fears and imprisoned by low self- esteem – especially at work and in our personal relationships.

Andree’s honest and open approach to overcoming her own personal challenges is, in itself, authentic. Her erudite experience in HR and as a personal development coach shines through in her unambiguous and concise handling of complex personality traits. By expertly unpacking and asking us to question our natural – but often unhelpful – human nuances, she offers us a chance to break down and dismantle our own constructed selves. Guided practical advice and pointed suggestions are delivered with both warmth and compassion for the reader and or coachee.

I personally benefited from the many written/drawing exercises in the book – I am a strong believer that the action of doing written work is crucial to my own development as a person. I am grateful that Andree provides a whole host of useful tasks to complete in this book and the Accelerator programme: these are not only enlightening but enjoyable also.

Most of all, I feel I am a more balanced, self-aware and confident individual than I was before because of this book, and I have already noticed the benefits at work and in my personal life.’

Adam Saville, Editor, COVER magazine

Nowadays people are not simply looking for a ‘guru’ on subjects such as ‘Law of Attraction’ or ‘Mindfulness’ to hear them speak or read a book on the subject, they are looking for change, action and results.

The Coaching world is changing rapidly worldwide and people are looking for a coach who can help and support them step-by-step to achieve the results they desire.  However this does take personal commitment and hard work as nothing will be handed to you on a plate.

Accelerator Programme

That’s where I come in …

‘Behind the Mask Accelerator Programme’ is a one-one six month life changing coaching programme that will take you through the entire ‘Behind the Mask’ process as described in the book.  I will lead you through a proven, powerful and structured 12 week process that is designed to get you the SPECIFIC results you are looking for.

Areas and aspects of your life you would like to work on could include:

  • A change you would like to make
  • A goal you want to achieve but don’t know how to go about it
  • A problem you would like to solve
  • Something you want to stop, start or continue doing

Some example outcomes you may be looking for could be:

  • Working with a high end client
  • Delivering a professional presentation
  • Changing your career path
  • Re-training in something you are passionate about
  • Resigning from your dead-end job
  • Starting up your own business to become self-employed
  • Improving your health, relationships, finances etc

What you will get!

If you sign up for the ‘Accelerator programme’, you will get to work with me personally and share experiences, concerns, fears, innermost secrets and insecurities all in a supportive and confidential environment. 

Visualise yourself living your future life without your mask and being your authentic self.  WOW! Imagine how it would feel to be living your true values, feeling free, comfortable and fulfilled – it’s so exciting and empowering.

The benefits of working with me on this life-changing programme will help you both in your work and personal life. 

By the end of the programme you will be able to:

  • Identify your dreams and desires (life or business or both)
  • Step into the world with more confidence
  • Be more Assertive and self-assured
  • Influence others more naturally and easily
  • Feel comfortable in your own shoes
  • Be in control of your life and destiny
  • Have an action plan for the future

Finally, go ahead and sign up with me today to experience our ‘Behind the Mask Accelerator Programme’ and get a big discount off the normal price of the package.  Most of all, you get to work with me over a minimum period of 6 months. Complete the contact form on this website or call me on 07702 818665

My normal package will cost £2,500, however for a limited period of 6 weeks from the date of this promotion, I am offering it to you at a discounted rate of £1,900 for the full 6 month programme.   

Disclaimer:The programme will give you a return on your investment of time and money, so long as you commit to invest time and effort in your own programme and of course take action. I can’t wave a magic wand to make the changes you desire happen overnight. Take responsibility for your own destiny with help and support from me.