Behind the Mask – is coming

Good News!

Let’s celebrate, we finally have a release date for ‘Behind the Mask’. You can get your hands on it from from 23rd July 2019 in paperback. In addition, you can also obtain it from Amazon in in paperback and e-book versions.

All you need to do is go onto our website shop or hit the button that says buy or purchase now and complete your contact and payment details. A copy of the book will be posted to you by first class post. Alternatively, you can order from Amazon and download your e-book. The printed book will be available very soon on Amazon.

Furthermore, you can sign up on the website for the free bonus content which includes:

• The wheel of life exercise

• Emotional Intelligence questionnaire

• Action planning toolkit

• Your future goals/objectives planning toolkit

• A 30 min coaching session with Andree to identify whether you are living authentically and need to change your life (value £200). 

Finally, just to remind you that the book will be available from our website in paperback and Amazon from 23rd July 2019 in e-book version. The paperback version is on its way. Just watch this space for further details.

Let the countdown commence!!!!!

Take action and go on the Behind the Mask website and order your book or contact Andrée on 07702 818665