Being Authentic

Your true self

Authentic means ‘from the source or origin’. It is the raw, naked, unhindered expression of beingness of the soul. That’s why we say, ‘being authentic’, not ‘doing authentic’.  To be authentic is to be the same person to others as you are to yourself.  Most noteworthy is to ask others for feedback to help discover the true you.

First of all the most important skill you will ever possess is to know who you are, what you are passionate about and whether you are living by your own rules or are conforming to the rules and standards of others.  Furthermore, when you know who you are, you know what you need to do.  There is no need to seek permission from others – you know what is right for you. 

Discover yourself

One of the key ways to discover who you are and what you stand for is to be able to identify and understand your core values.   Core Values define your character, responses, actions and behaviour, they are what you live your life by.  In addition, they have such intensity that if they are impinged in any way shape or form this would ensue an emotion or feeling resulting in a change of behaviour, seen and felt by others. 

Another facet of understanding yourself is to know what is preventing you from moving forward and effecting change.  As a result we tend to put up barriers. These are known as ‘Limiting Beliefs’ – our inner critic (negative voice).  Identify the limiting belief and create an empowering belief will prevent the inner critic and self doubt.  By using positive language and a can do attitude this will restore a positive and authentic you.

In conclusion, the key benefits of living authentically are:

  • It will improve your self-confidence
  • You will understand your purpose in life
  • Enable you to make a bigger impact on the world around you
  • It will help you build and develop deeper relationships

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