Imposter Syndrome – self-sabotage

Self-sabotage & Limiting Beliefs

Self-sabotaging behaviours prevent you from conditioning yourself for success. Changing those long, established behaviour patterns like self-sabotage is as difficult as recognising and understanding them. These are known as ‘Limiting Beliefs’, ‘Imposter Syndrome’ or ‘Inner Critic’. How, then, can you eliminate sabotaging beliefs and emotions? Firstly, understand and accept yourself before attempting to understand and […]

Coaching for Success

Coaching for success

Why Coaching is such an Effective Development Tool.   Coaching for success is perhaps the most effective method of increasing performance available to managers, team leaders, and colleagues. If you wish to improve the skills of your employees, you must plan to observe them and provide them with feedback.  If you’re like most supervisors or […]

Leadership Development

The need to focus on Behavioural Change   Over the last few years and more importantly post Covid19 a need to  refresh Leadership Development is required.  In the past Leadership development has included boot camps/survival courses aimed at teaching resilience, mental toughness and leadership traits.  However, learning is not necessarily translated back into the workplace. Furthermore, […]

HR – Stress Management

Personal development, individual coaching programs

Crisis management versus health & wellbeing and stress management!! HR Directors and their teams have been thrust into the limelight during the crisis. Their contributions now are critical to the long term health of businesses. They are expected to make some harsh recommendations on head count, furlough, salary reductions, hours reductions etc. Furthermore, they have […]