Living authentically – living the life you desire

3 questions to ask yourself that will reveal whether you are living authentically and are living the life you desire At some point or another, it’s common for people to find themselves feeling dissatisfied in life but unable to put their finger on what is causing this emotion. On the surface, you may feel perfectly […]

Outstanding training services

AFC training services – It’s time to celebrate again!!!!! AFC is a double-award winning consultancy.  It’s owner Andrée Funnell is  delighted to announce that they are the winners of the AI Global Excellence Award for ‘Most Outstanding Individual Training Services – UK’.  Furthermore, in September 2018 AFC won the SME News Business Excellence Award for ‘Best […]

Recruitment – the faceless society

Do machines or people give better recruitment results? Two thirds of people prefer face to face recruitment.  Why are we using digitalised processes? Digital technology can provide efficient, cost-effective solutions across different areas of different businesses including recruitment & selection. Software, Chatbots and other technology tools can segment and filter large volumes of applications quickly.  […]