Authentic Leadership

Stand out from the crowd and be authentice

Why Authentic Leadership is important in organisations Authentic leadership emphasises the development of a leader’s legitimacy through honest and open relationships with their followers. Hence, they are positive people who promote an open and honest culture amongst their people. This article is aimed to help you identify the positive impact of Authentic Leadership in an […]

Living Authentically at home

Living authentically

Are you being authentic with your family? Do you find it difficult living authentically at home? Have you ever found yourself acting differently around your family?  Well, you are not alone and it’s quite possible that your family’s influence could be damaging to both your physical and mental health. Especially relevant are the following seven […]

Transformational Leadership

Leading by example

Leadership & Management The link to well-being and improved performance   Transformational Leadership studies show that this style conveys a sense of trust and meaningfulness and individually challenges and develops employees.  It is known to have a positive effect on employee well-being.”   Definition of Transformational Leadership “Transformational leaders… are those who encourage and inspire […]

Tips for Working at Home

home working

Working from home is difficult. In order to achieve optimum performance it requires discipline and the ability to organise your working day. 1.  Get up at normal time   On a normal work day you would get up at a selected time in order to catch a train or leave at a certain time in […]

Are you the person you want to be?

Quiz image for authenticity and self confidence

Self-Reflection The best time to do self-reflection is when you are feeling unfulfilled, unhappy, dissatisfied, discontent and unsuccessful.  Self-reflection helps you to understand the reasons behind these negative feelings. Many of us ignore the feelings/symptoms and hope that things will improve on their own.  Well guess what, if you don’t take action things will stay […]