Appraisals – ‘Management Pitfalls’


Appraisals  Nowadays many organisations are moving away from ‘annual appraisals’ and moving towards ongoing performance discussions.  By discussing performance with the individual at regular intervals the employee will understand what areas they are excelling in and what areas require development.  This allows the employee to rectify under-performance during the year and work towards development goals. […]


Quiz image for authenticity and self confidence

AUTHENTICITY AND SELF CONFIDENCE Lack of Authenticity and self confidence can generate feelings of anxiety and hopelessness as a result of hiding your authentic self. Being your authentic self will be more rewarding and give you fulfilment and satisfaction in the things you do in life. Answer the question to the best of your self-knowledge […]

How to have confidence and be authentic at work

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Confidence and Authenticity at work Having confidence at work means trusting in your own ability and skills and being authentic.  Its also about having the ability to demonstrate these skills through your behaviour to those around you. Authenticity means showing people the true you.  Confidence comes from within and self-belief is the key.  If you […]

Interview skills and CV Writing for School or University leavers

Need Help with Interview Skills and CV Writing? Leaving full-time education this summer and have no idea what would be your ideal career.  Perhaps you have no idea of the direction you want to take?  I can help you to identify your options, preferred career and provide you with the tools and techniques to apply […]

Recruitment Interview Pitfalls

Poor Interview Practices made by employers when recruiting This article provides some common mistakes employers make in a recruitment and selection process. These 10 mistakes can also provide useful tools if you are looking for a new job. They will help you to understand what you ‘should’ expect from a professional recruitment and selection process. […]