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This career coaching article is aimed at two audiences

1. Parents who are tearing their hair out with their son/daughter who is about to leave full-time education and doesn’t know what they want to do.

How to even go about applying for their first job?

Do they listen to you…. the answer is an emphatic,  NO.

Having had 2 young adults and being an HR Manager for 20+ years you would think they would listen to me with my years of experience in Corporate life and recruitment…

But clearly not because I am their mother and why would they listen to me ‘I’m old and don’t know anything’ – does that ring any bells. If you are one of those frustrated parents look no further help is at hand.

2. Young adults who are seeking to identify their first role on the career ladder and need some coaching to understand what they want to do and how to go about it.

AFC provides 1:1 Career Coaching to include CV Writing and Effective Interview Skills

AFC have over the past few years been helping individuals to develop a professional CV that will help sell and promote them to prospective employers and/or universities either as a first job or at management level for people who are seeking to further their career and secure a promotion.

Andree has been coaching a young client over the past few weeks who has recently left college and is looking to apply for jobs and apprenticeship schemes.

We had a 2-3 hour coaching session where we looked at his current CV and looked at ways he could improve the CV so that it had an impact on future employers and got him an interview(s).

We also practiced interview skills using Competency Based interview questions and answers (which is what most companies use nowadays). The result was that within a week he had applied to a number of employers and got 2 interviews.

Many school/college leavers need support in applying for roles or graduate schemes, they have no idea of what is expected of them by employers.

Already working and in a job that is going nowhere? Well, help is at hand again.

It’s often the case that people who have already got a few years experience of working life under their belt who have not been exposed to job applications or interviews for a number of years often need some help to identify their future career path or get themselves interview read and need some help.

AFC would like to hear from anyone who either has a son/daughter who will not accept help from you as a parent and think they know better. If you think they would benefit from some coaching from an ex-HR Manager such as myself, Andree would love to hear from you.

We would also like to hear from anyone else who is looking to pursue their career further and would benefit from some 1:1 coaching on effective interviews and CV writing.