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Mental Health Awareness

Mental Health Awareness

Living Authentically and the link to Mental Health This article about the relationship between living authentically, our limiting beliefs, how we think, feel and behave and our Mental Health. Consequently, this affects how we perceive ourselves and interact with the world and others. Limiting beliefs are described as negative thoughts we have about ourselves. Holding […]

CV Writing – How to get that Job!

The Do’s and Don’ts of writing a professional CV Presenting a perfect and professional CV is paramount when applying for jobs.  Your CV should be powerful and succinct yet provide the employer with the information they are seeking that relates to the job/person description. Here are 12 Do’s and Don’ts of CV writing Do’s  KISS […]


self-motivation, positive mindset

If you believe that having a positive mindset is definitely the way to go. You’re meeting and greeting the world with a whole new positive attitude and your life is starting to show the signs already.  Once your mind-set is positive this will naturally lead to self-motivation. Being positive and self-motivated really works! Motivation is […]

Emotional Intelligence at work

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7 Things Emotionally Intelligent People Don’t Do At Work Emotionally intelligent people don’t try to prove their importance. Emotional intelligence and the workplace are inextricably linked, yet they perceived to be at other ends of the spectrum.  Self-awareness means that you know and understand yourself.  Below are the seven things EI people don’t do at […]

The Power of Coaching

Business coaching

‘The Power of Coaching’ has proven to be an extremely effective method for facilitating personal and professional development and fulfilment. Coaches are highly in demand these days due to its effectiveness in developing people to achieve personal and business success. The power of coaching has been identified in the media, corporations and in the community […]

Dealing with difficult people!

Dealing with difficult people

‘There is no such thing as a difficult person – it’s how you react and respond to them that makes the difference’. In business, like the rest of life we will often encounter people who are just that little more difficult to get along with. Some use the term ‘personality conflict’ to describe the situation, […]

Coaching for Professionals

Business coaching

In recent years there has been a significant rise in the demand for mentoring and coaching for professionals. The driving forces behind this are: Executives, managers and other specialists are required to demonstrate professional development. More competition in the workplace and business employment environment. Radical changes are being influenced by the emerging industrial nations. This […]