Challenging Times

HR & L&D Professionals – it’s carnage out there!

Over the past few weeks I have been speaking to many HR & L&D professionals about the current changing situation.  The hot topic being discussed is ”The future of their business and the challenging times they are facing’.

Challenging Times

What is evident is that they are spending their time dealing with furloughed staff and trying to bring people safely back to the workplace. At worst they are commencing restructuring programmes.  Some have started consultations with a view to mass redundancies.  

Only yesterday, I made contact with some L&D professionals and was told that they are about to be made redundant.

Retained staff are not only working harder but are suffering with burnout, depression.  Hence, they are struggling to be productive and motivated.

Training & Development

L&D has being hit hard since the start of the lockdown.  Companies are not investing in training & development.  Furthermore, for the retained staff it’s the most crucial time to invest in people.

The new norm requires Managers to be effective in remote management.  Its essential that they are provided with the necessary skills to deal with:

  • Sensitive and challenging people and
  • Difficult situations during these challenging times.
  1. What are the key skills you managers are lacking?
  2. What training has your company provided during and post lockdown?

If the answer to the second question is NO then….

This needs to be a business priority to ensure your good people are retained and motivated. Consequently, they need to be equipped to deal with what the new ways of working throws at them. 

If you are stressed and struggling with the enormity of these problems then AFC are on hand to help you.  As an ex HR Manager in corporate world and current L&D specialist I understand your worries and concerns.

Myself and my team will provide you with some learning solutions in the form of Virtual Classroom and/or face to face delivery (in the future).  We also provide one to one coaching programmes for you or your managers.

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