Interview Skills for 2019

interview skills

2019 a new year – new job

For many people January and February are the most miserable two months of the year.  Some of us see this time as an opportunity to review our career, job, health, and other areas of our life.  We often look at making some positive changes for the future.  Others view it as a time to pull in the purse strings, lose some weight and go back to their mundane, boring job that fails to fulfil them.  If one of your new year’s resolutions is to make a positive change regarding your career and are looking for some coaching on CV writing and/or interview skills then read on.

A major part of our life is the work that we do, the companies that we work for and the job satisfaction our job brings (or doesn’t in many cases).  Some of us are looking for the next promotion, change in career or extra remuneration.

January is usually a busy month for recruiters as more than half the UK workforce look for new prospects. The competition is great and you need to ensure that you stand out from the crowd both with a good CV and excellent interview skills.  Below are some top tips for you if you are embarking on a new career or simply a change of job.

Top 5 tips for candidates in 2019

1.  2019 a new year and a new CV!

Start the new year off with a revised or completely new CV. Your CV needs to stand out and catch the eye of the prospective employer.  You have 5-7 seconds to make an impact otherwise the CV will go into the reject pile.  It must align with the skills and experience criteria or person specification in the initial sifting process stage in order to get you to 1st interview stage.


2.  Be proactive –  do some planning before applying

When people get desperate for jobs they tend to apply for any old job.  Do some thinking and planning before applying.  Target the types of roles that you are qualified to do or roles that interest you.   Don’t just sit and wait for jobs to find you as they won’t.  Place your CV on recruitment sites and whilst you may be receiving calls from recruiters, there are a lot of companies that recruit directly.  Focus on companies that you aspire to work for and do your research by looking on their website at their job opportunities (vacancies). Don’t be afraid to approach them direct.


3.  Don’t hold out for one role

Put yourself out there and try to attend several interviews before making your final decision. This way you will have explored the market and different opportunities.  Get a feel for the brand and values of the company and whether you would be happy to work for them.  Doing this will put you in a stronger position to make a well-rounded and reasoned decision.


4.  Stay ahead of your competition

Interview preparation is the key to a successful interview.  Do your research and go prepared with some challenging questions for the interviewer(s).  Find out about your interviewer(s) if possible using tools such as Linked in and other social media. It seems simple but never under-estimate your interview preparation.  Competition is so tough so ensure you prepare fully so that you stand out from other candidates.


5.  Offers of employment – making the decision

To make a rational and informed decision particularly if you have more than one offer or numerous interviews.  Use a pros and cons table to identify key reasons as to why you should or shouldn’t accept the offer.  Also ensure you make a timely decision and not keep an employer waiting too long.  A lot of candidates commonly feel they can hold off any form of final decision in hope of another opportunity that may or may not be round the corner.  Be aware that employers will not wait forever and may take the offer off of the table.


Good Luck and here’s to that new role in 2019


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