CV Writing – How to get that Job!

The Do’s and Don’ts of writing a professional CV

Presenting a perfect and professional CV is paramount when applying for jobs.  Your CV should be powerful and succinct yet provide the employer with the information they are seeking that relates to the job/person description. Here are 12 Do’s and Don’ts of CV writing


  1. KISS – Keep it short and punchy and ensure it includes all the keywords and salient points that align with the job specification.  Remember you only have about 7 seconds to make impact and keep their attention before it goes in the reject pile.
  2. Tailor it – Align your CV to the role to which you are applying.  Change your Personal Profile and key skills and keywords according to the role.
  3. Personal Profile – This is your sales pitch which should provide maximum impact to ensure the reader reads on
  4. Formatting – ensure your CV is in a software format that can be opened by the recipient.  Use Word standard doc file
  5. Make it current – Concentrate on your current or last 2 roles and make sure its relevant to the job you are applying for.  The employer is looking for the right fit with the right skills and experience
  6. Spelling & Grammar – are extremely important.  Employers don’t like seeing typos or grammatical mistakes.
  7. Achievements – Substantiate your statements by providing evidence of achievements.  Your achievements should have a quantitative or qualitative measure that shows how you added value to the organisation
  8. Keywords – ensure your keywords (headings and buzzwords) in your profile or skills hits the spot against the job description
  9. Easy to read – employers are looking for key information quickly so make sure your layout and fonts are easy to read.  Use white space, bullet points, headings etc to signpost them


10. Write the word CV or Curriculum Vitae at the top of the page – just make sure your name stands out

11.Include your Date of Birth or marital status – its irrelevant to the role and employers can discriminate on the grounds of age etc

12. Produce a CV that’s like ‘War and peace’.  It should be no more than 2 x A4 pages 3 at the most

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