Get that Interview – Your CV is your Sales Tool

A powerful and professional CV gets you in the door 

Does your CV stand out from the other applicants who are competing for the same job?    

If the answer is no then following these simple tips in order to ensure you optimise your resume to get you through the door and get more interviews.

Remember your CV is your sales tool to get you an interview  

First of all impact the reader immediately.  You have 5-7 seconds to have an impact otherwise the CV will go into the reject pile.  It must align with the skills and experience criteria or person specification in the initial sifting process stage.

 Ensure that your cover letter is strong

Employers are 40% more likely to read a CV with a cover letter.  Ensure you reflect what the organisation is looking for in terms of key skills and experience in your cover letter.

Optimise keywords

Ensure that you read the job spec thoroughly and highlight the keywords they are using and reflect the keywords in your CV and letter.  Many companies rely on computers for the initial screening.

This computer system is called an “ATS” – Applicant Tracking System. Furthermore, make your keywords discoverable throughout the text.

 Electronic CV’s

Ensure your CV is in a software format that is compatible and accessible to the client and the reader.

 Assertive Language 

Using positive, doer wording in your CV (assertive language) and ensure that it conveys your skills immediately to hiring managers.

 Substantiate your statements

Provide substantive evidence of skills and experience in previous roles and evidence statements.


Define what you have achieved in previous roles and the value added that it has provided to the team, company or client.  For instance, if a salesperson states that they won the’ salesperson of the year award’  what did they do to earn this.  An example would be ‘I exceeded sales target by xx % or amount of money, or opened xxx amount of new accounts delivering a xxxx amount of increased sales’  If a recruiter can ask ‘SO WHAT’ to any of your statements that mean to say that you have not substantiated your achievements.

If you are looking for some help to review and revise your CV so that it has the desired impact on potential employers and gets you that interview then call Andree at AFC Consultants on 07702 818665. We look forward to hearing from you …