Effective Discipline & Grievance Investigations and Interviews

The aim of this interactive two-day event is to provide the participants with the skills and the confidence to effectively carry out an effective disciplinary or grievance investigation and disciplinary meeting that adheres to UK Employment Legislation.


Who should attend?

Line Managers who are responsible for carrying out Disciplinary and Grievance investigations on behalf of the company. It is also aimed at those managers who are responsible for carrying out Disciplinary meetings and making decisions regarding disciplinary sanction. 

Managers who are involved in the company Disciplinary and Grievance procedures and are responsible for investigations and carrying out Disciplinary or Grievance meetings or appeals.

Team Leaders or Managers at any level with responsibility for carrying out Discipline and Grievance investigations or hearings within the company procedure.


Course Overview:

  • Understand the legal requirements relevant to disciplinary & grievance procedures

  • Define how the disciplinary & grievance procedure operates within your organisation and the role you play

  • Understand the importance of fairness, confidentiality and timeliness when dealing with disciplinary & grievance matters

  • Understand the importance of questioning and listening skills and non-verbal communication

  • Identify why there is a need to keep accurate records

  • How to carry out an effective disciplinary interview

  • Deliver an effective disciplinary or grievance meeting using interactive exercises, evaluation and role playing techniques, gathering feedback from interviewee and observers

*Professional actors bring the course content to life to develop learners’ skills in a practical, hands-on way in a safe environment


What are the benefits of attending:

  • To be able to carry out an effective disciplinary or grievance investigation and/or hearing.

  • To have the skills to carry out a professional and timely investigation in line with UK employment practice

  • Be able to deliver a disciplinary sanction that is fair and consistent with previous company sanctions.

  • Deliver a best practice disciplinary or grievance interview.

Duration – 2 days


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