The Dreaded Appraisal


What’s it about?

Its known as the ‘Dreaded Appraisal’ by most managers as its time consuming and often seen as a tick box exercise in certain organisational cultures.  Performance Management is widely recognised as playing a key role in the development of skills in the workplace and the appraisal interview is a vital part of this process.  Correctly handled, the benefits of the appraisal interview – to the manager, the individual and the organisation – are enormous. Handled badly, or as an isolated event not linked to ongoing performance management and the appraisee may leave the appraisal interview feeling de-motivated and under-valued. 

This course is designed to examine the whole appraisal process, from preparation and the pre-appraisal meeting through to the structure of the appraisal interview itself, setting clear objectives and standards and delivering structured and constructive feedback – avoiding common pitfalls along the way.  Delegates will get the opportunity to practice carrying out an appraisal interview.


Who should attend?

Managers, Directors or Supervisors who are responsible for managing and appraising staff and ensuring they have development plans in place.  


Course overview

  • Appraisals what are they and their benefits

  • The appraisal as part of the performance management cycle

  • What an appraisal interview is, and what it is not

  • Setting clear objectives

  • Selling the value of the appraisal process

  • Clarifying role and purpose

  • Defining clear performance standards

Assessing and monitoring performance:

  • Setting clear goals

  • Delivering effective feedback

  • Managing performance issues

Developing team members:

  • Establishing training and coaching needs

  • How to give feedback in a positive way

  • Motivation

  • Dealing with ‘difficult’ appraisees

Communication skills:

  • Effective questioning techniques

  • Motivational techniques

  • Develop confidence and self-esteem


What are the benefits of attending?

  • Have the tools to carry out an effective appraisal and leave the Dreaded Appraisal behind you

  • Avoid the most common pitfalls of bad appraisals

  • Raise performance of team members and staff through improved appraisal interviews

  • Turn “difficult” appraisals into positive outcomes

  • Carry out an effective and motivating appraisal aimed at improving performance 

Duration – 2 days


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