Train the Trainer


What’s it about?

If you are an internal (employed) trainer or manager who is required to train others as part of your role then this course is for you.

This practical workshop is designed to develop the knowledge, essential skills and confidence to maximise your effectiveness in improving the skills of your staff. 

To enhance learning and practise new skills, you will have the opportunity to deliver several short training sessions over the two day period.  Delegates will learn about different learning styles, understand the different stages of the learning process and appreciate why some delegates can be ‘difficult’.

The workshop also examines course content, structure, delivery and confidence building.  It is based on the training cycle and covers three key areas:

  • Planning (including session planning)

  • Delivery (participants will deliver a 10 minute ‘session’ that they have planned)

  • Evaluation (self, peer group and course evaluation).

Who should attend?

Anyone who is embarking on delivering training courses and workshops as part of their role.

What will you learn?

Equip yourself with the skills to be able to plan, deliver and evaluate effective training, no matter what the content of the subject you are delivering.


Course overview:

The Role of Training and the Trainer

  • What is training

  • Why organisations need training

  • What makes an excellent trainer

  • Body language

  • Voice skills

The Learning Process

  • Kolbs learning cycle

  • Training Needs Analysis

  • Honey & Mumford’s learning styles

  • Different methods of training

Planning and Preparing Training

  • Training objectives

  • Planning training

  • How trainees learn

  • Training session structure

Training Methods and Visual Aids

  • Accelerated learning

  • Multiple intelligences

  • Running group activities and examples

  • Transferring learning back to the workplace

  • Questioning techniques, listening and pauses

  • Handling nerves

  • Visual aids – selecting appropriate visual aids

Group Dynamics, Evaluation and Individual Practice with Group Feedback

  • Dealing with groups

  • Managing difficult trainees

  • Problem people and behaviour

  • Evaluation of training

  • Delivery practice with group feedback

What are the benefits of attending?

  • Identify the requirements of your role as a trainer

  • Understand the training process

  • Recognise and overcome the barriers to effective learning

  • Ability to design, deliver and evaluate your training courses using appropriate resources to suit a range of learning styles

  • Confident delivery techniques for structured training sessions

  • Knowing how to engage your learners effectively

  • Ability to question learners effectively to help engagement and learning

  • Overcome difficult situations and deal with difficult delegates


Duration – 2 days

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