Giving and Receiving Feedback

Firstly, Giving and Receiving Feedback to help with your career progress is one of the best forms of development. Don’t be afraid to ask for feedback from your manager, peers, colleagues, clients and more. Furthermore, being able to identify your strengths and development needs is essential. You will be able to continue doing the things that are serving you well i.e your strengths and put a development plan together to address the weaknesses.

Career progress

I realised how important Giving and receiving feedback was to my career progress many years ago. I now regularly seek feedback from clients, colleagues and friends to help steer me in the right direction for future progress. Recently, I sent some requests for feedback to add to my Linked in profile. I would like to share some feedback from my dear friend, coach, mentor and professional entrepreneur, Helen Vandenberghe. She has provided the most wonderful testimonial I could have wished for and this is what she says ……

Testimonial from Helen

“I have known Andrée for over 12 years as a coach, facilitator, and Authentic Leadership Expert. She is one of the most hardworking people I know, who puts everything into what she is striving to achieve for her clients.

I have worked alongside her on training and facilitation projects. She always brings massive dedication to her work, along with tons of empathy, energy, and enthusiasm. She is a strong and determined individual who is authentic to the core.

More recently Andrée became a client of mine when she attended my Write a Book in Weekend Retreat. Following the retreat I then became her mentor to get the book to publication.

Her enthusiasm for her personal and work life is infectious.

Behind the Mask – Book

Her first book ‘Behind the Mask’ was her first taste of becoming a successful author. This has opened up new avenues and she such as keynote speaking at conferences and events.

She is also one of the entrepreneurial authors in the Amazon No 1 Best Seller ‘Ready to Rise’ published in May 2020. She is now a sought-after features writer for professional publications and magazines on the subject of Authentic Leadership and Living Authentically.

Authenticity is her specialist subject. Not only is she an expert in this field but she lives by her values and her authentic self. If you are looking for an authentic and empathetic professional coach or trainer who can connect with individuals, teams, and organisations to create powerful change, then I would strongly recommend her.”

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