How to have confidence and be authentic at work

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Confidence and Authenticity at work

Having confidence at work means trusting in your own ability and skills and being authentic.  Its also about having the ability to demonstrate these skills through your behaviour to those around you. Authenticity means showing people the true you.  Confidence comes from within and self-belief is the key.  If you don’t believe in yourself then how do you expect others to have confidence and belief in you.

Confidence and authenticity in the work place is important at every level, whether you’re a CEO, or Senior Manager, or a junior member of staff that’s new to a team.  Being authentic means that those around you see the real you and you are more likely to build sustainable relationships.  Confidence is what helps you to work successfully with others, whether that’s leading and inspiring those around you or supporting and contributing to a team.

Making some small changes to your outlook and behaviour can make a big impact to your confidence at work.

Believe in yourself:

Self-belief is at the heart of being confident.  You can improve your self-belief by taking the time to focus on you and understand what it is that makes you successful.  Make a list of your key strengths and your characteristics e.g loyalty, honesty.  Your characteristics are linked to authenticity and people can feel and see the real you if you are living authentically.

Write a list of what you like about yourself and your key strengths and also a list of limiting beliefs (things that prevent you moving forward).  This helps you understand yourself, what makes you confident and successful at work.

Prepare yourself:

When faced with a new or complex issue at work, advance preparation can help increase your confidence for when you’re in the middle of the actual situation.  Sit down and think about what needs to be done, the best way to deliver this and how you will need to behave.  When the scenario happens, you’ll be able to demonstrate a natural confidence because you’ll be comfortable dealing with the circumstances head on.

Be insightful:

It’s worth remembering that, at some point in their career, almost everybody has doubted themselves.  Remember this insight and use it when you need to.  Understand that you’re no different from the next person and that it’s ok to put work into improving confidence.  Even the most confident person can always benefit.  There are always new situations at work, new challenges, promotions and opportunities where working on confidence is vital.

Be who you need to be:

Sometimes it might feel like the person you are in the office is different to who you are ‘on the inside’.  Many of us act differently at work and there’s an element of ‘presentation’ to how everybody behaves.  Authentic people are confident in themselves, their behaviour and project this when dealing with others.  On the other hand confident people at work are presenting the best of themselves and they may adopt a ‘work’ persona to achieve this.  Be who you need to be at work to do your job well, push your confidence to the front and use this to be successful.

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