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Crisis management versus health & wellbeing and stress management!!

HR Directors and their teams have been thrust into the limelight during the crisis. Their contributions now are critical to the long term health of businesses. They are expected to make some harsh recommendations on head count, furlough, salary reductions, hours reductions etc. Furthermore, they have to maintain employees’ commitment to the business and ensure that the health and wellbeing of their employees is effective including stress management.  In addition, they also have to ensure they remain an employer of choice. 

Due to the recent/current pandemic situation research is telling us that organisations and its people are concerned about their working lives in the future.

The CIPD have reported that:

  • 44% of people are anxious about returning to the workplace
  • 51% of organisations have trained their managers to support staff with mental health problems …… but only
  • 31% say managers are confident to have sensitive discussions

The CIPD say that there is a need to address the gap. This can be achieved by providing training and support to enable them to deal with such sensitive and complex issues. Most noteworthy, this should not be a quick fix i.e a one off training session. It should be ongoing and needs an investment of time.

Key skills they will be required to have are – Empathy and compassion. Organisations who recruit Emotionally Intelligent leaders/managers will be ahead of the game.

HR professionals and L&D Managers are you in crisis management?

As an HR professional or Senior Exec you in your business you probably feel that you have the weight of the world on your shoulders. Consequently, you are fighting fires and in crisis management.

As an ex-HR and Training Manager with years of experience in corporate world, I know only too well how difficult it is for leaders and managers to find time to support others. Hence, they need to have the confidence and expertise to be able to do this effectively. Often they need help themselves yet are afraid to admit their vulnerabilities and fears.

I also know that it’s important that an organisation have an authentic, open and honest culture. This involves a high level of trust in their leaders and managers. People will only share their concerns, problems and vulnerabilities if they feel valued, listened to and there is a great deal of trust and respect.

AFC can help you to overcome these obstacles. Both myself and my team have a wealth of experience in dealing with employee issues, having difficult conversations and employee wellbeing.

We offer a variety of development solutions through virtual, face to face and 1:1 delivery.

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