Interview skills and CV Writing for School or University leavers

Need Help with Interview Skills and CV Writing?

Leaving full-time education this summer and have no idea what would be your ideal career.  Perhaps you have no idea of the direction you want to take?  I can help you to identify your options, preferred career and provide you with the tools and techniques to apply for jobs.  I will also help you to understand what to expect from employers and help you with your CV Writing and Interview Skills.

AFC provides individuals leaving full-time education with the skills to develop a professional CV that will sell and promote you to prospective employers or universities. Hence, we provide you with best practice tools and interview techniques to achieve this.

Andrée is an ex-HR Manager with over 20 years experience in corporate world. She has experience of coaching young clients leaving full-time education who are embarking on entering the job market, university or an apprenticeship scheme to achieve results. 

Our coaching sessions provide you with a framework and skills to deliver a professional interview to achieve your aim. Therefore, the interview skills session is centred on Competency Based Interviews.  You will be coached to prepare for and evidence your answers to meet the expected criteria the employer is looking for in an ideal candidate.

Our programmes typically are –  three coaching sessions over a 2-3 month period which include:

  1. Writing your CV or revising current CV including a free e-book.
  2. Interview Skills (competency based) tools and techniques and practice session
  3. Confidence building and/or presentation skills – how to influence with impact

Be prepared, beat the rush for jobs and get to the front of the queue this coming summer before thousands of school, college or university students start flooding the market. 

Don’t hesitate call or email me today to book an appointment.  Call me on 07702 818665 or email at

Get Smart, get ahead …..