Effective Interview Skills

This course will provide the participants with the abilities to transfer the key learning points to their own working environment and deliver best practice interviewing techniques to recruit the most suitable candidate for the role.

Professional actors bring the course content to life to develop learners’ skills in a practical, hands-on way in a safe environment.  We use a professional acting resource on day two to play the role of the interview candidate in scenario based practical exercises which enhances the experience and allows for practice and feedback of the Effective Interview skills.


Course Overview

  • Identify what interview and selection methods are available

  • Identify how competencies relate to company objectives and key performance indicators

  • Understand the different types of competencies

  • Identify what a competency looks like and how they are used in the recruitment process

  • Prepare and plan for selection interview

  • Understand effective questioning and listening techniques

  • Understand why diversity is important when questioning and listening and why empathy is an important asset in communication

  • Understand how to measure the validity of your decision

  • Understand how to carry out an effective interview

  • How to use effective interviewing techniques that can be utilised in any given interview situation i.e recruitment, performance mgt reviews, counselling, disciplinary and grievance etc


What are the benefits of attending?

  • Understand their role in the company Recruitment and selection process

  • Understand the importance of job descriptions and person specifications

  • Understand competency models and how to use in recruitment

  • Define management pitfalls when recruiting

  • Identify the benefit of using different methodologies in terms of recruitment & selection processes in addition to the interview

  • Identify the need for a job description and person specification and the role it plays in the selection and interview process

  • Understand why the company core values are important when recruiting

  • How to prepare and plan for selection interviews

  • Understand bias, stereotyping and equality issues and how they affect the interview process

  • Understand the need for consistency and how this links to key employment legislation to avoid discrimination

  • Understand how to use effective questioning and listening techniques

  • Identify how to make fair and equitable selection decisions objectively

  • Understand how to measure the validity of your decision

  • Carry out a selection interview using best practice techniques and feedback to delegates

Duration – 2 days

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