Leadership and Management Programme

What’s it about?

Leaders and Managers are expected to deliver fantastic results with less resources. This programme provides Managers with the knowledge, skills and behaviours required to deliver effective outcome whilst motivating their staff.

 An intensive four day management training course focusing on all the key tools and techniques required of new managers in today’s fast-moving business environment.  The programme is delivered over a 6-month period, 4 days’ classroom training, 1 tutorial session personal development plan and follow up.  It is highly participative, using a variety of learning tools and techniques.  The workshops encourage experiential learning and understanding how to apply theory into workplace practice.

The programme can also be accredited with the ILM at Level 3 which would require delegates to complete learning assignments which are assessed and verified by the ILM in order to achieve accreditation.

Note: An acting resource can be used for the Appraisal and Performance Management modules on the second half of the day.  The use of the resource enhances the delegate experience and helps embed the key learnings and puts theory into workplace practice.


Who should attend?

 Suitable for new supervisors, team leaders and managers who have had no formal management or leadership training. This demanding programme will enable you to hit the ground running in your new role.


Course Overview

The following are suggested modules that cover the fundamentals of leadership & management however these can be discussed and modules changed depending on the needs of the client or individuals attending.


Leadership & Management                                                                        1 day

Effective Appraisals skills                                                                            1 day

Performance management (to include Capability and

Disciplinary Investigations & Reports                                                  1 day

Emotional Intelligence                                                                                    1 day

Personal Effectiveness, Time Management & Delegation       1 day


Leadership and Management

  • The managers role in relation to the task, team and individual

  • Identify and explore leadership styles

  • The key components of effective teams

  • Generate practical ideas for motivating individuals and the team

  • Describe and apply a structure for effective delegation

  • Define how setting meaningful objectives enables effective performance

  • Delivering feedback using a planned, structured and balanced approach

  • Put into practice key techniques and structures

  • Define a set of personal actions for further development

Appraisals Skills

  • Appraisals what are they and their benefits

  • Setting clear objectives

  • Assessing and monitoring performance:

  • Setting clear goals

  • Delivering effective feedback

  • Managing performance issues

  • Developing team members:

  • How to give feedback in a positive way

  • Dealing with ‘difficult’ appraisees

  • Communication skills:


Performance Management

  • The appraisal as part of the performance management cycle

  • Understand the importance of setting clear objectives

  • How to measure and monitor performance in line with Appraisal procedure

  • How to provide constructive feedback

  • Understand the importance of questioning and listening techniques

  • Understand the legal requirements relevant to disciplinary & grievance procedures

  • Define how the disciplinary & grievance procedure operates within your organisation and the role you play

  • Understand the importance of fairness, confidentiality and timeliness when dealing with disciplinary & grievance matters

  • Identify why there is a need to keep accurate records


Emotional Intelligence

  • What are emotions and what effects do they have on us?

  • What makes us think, feel and act the way we do?

  • Recognising our emotions and how they impact on our behaviour

  • Assessing current levels of emotions competence and areas we would like to handle better

  • Exploring Self-awareness – are we choosing our responses, or are they habitual?

  • How to manage and control one’s own emotions

  • How to respond to others emotions, verbally and non-verbally

  • How to identify emotion and behaviour in others and tackling difficult subjects

  • Understand how our emotions and behaviour affect our leadership style


What are the benefits of attending?

  • Know what motivates you and others

  • Having the fundamentals of building a successful and performing team

  • Ability to delegate effectively whilst maintain motivation of others

  • Being able to carry out effective appraisals reviews whilst maintaining motivation

  • Understanding the importance of constructive feedback in relation to motivation and performance

  • Being able to manage others effectively in terms of performance levels and using the right channels to manage their performance in line with Disciplinary and Grievance procedures

  • Understanding of how working relationships can be improved

  • Understanding and identification of the underlying emotions and how they affect your behaviour

  • How to control and deal with others emotions

  • How to respond to others emotions and effectively deal with the situation resulting in a positive outcome

  • How to align your feelings, emotions with others and show empathy


Duration – 4 days

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