Leadership Development

The need to focus on Behavioural Change  

Over the last few years and more importantly post Covid19 a need to  refresh Leadership Development is required.  In the past Leadership development has included boot camps/survival courses aimed at teaching resilience, mental toughness and leadership traits.  However, learning is not necessarily translated back into the workplace.

Furthermore, it is now apparent that Leadership Development needs to focus on genuine Behavioural Change.  A balance is required between providing them with the practical tools and the behavioural development. This ensures they are equipped to lead in current and future times post Covid19.  The new norms require different skills to include:

  • Core Values
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Empathy
  • Virtual communication skills
  • Understanding of mental health and health issues on staff
  • Sense of identity, character and self awareness

Leadership programmes fit for rapid change and new norms

Leadership development in the past has been centred around management models and tools.  However, the new age Leadership programmes require leaders to be developed at a more personal level.  This ensures future leaders are equipped with the tools, skills, sense of identity and purpose.  Consequently, they are emotionally intelligent and are able to understand themselves and others.  This results in more effective leadership, trust, respect, decision making (in crisis) and resilience.

Furthermore, it’s about developing the mind of the leader and understanding how they think and behave.  Organisations who have already taken the step to develop holistic leaders with more emphasis on their mindset,  not just their skills will have been at an advantage during the pandemic. 

Authentic Leadership

For organisations post the pandemic, the lessons learned during lock down need to be kept in mind when developing the leaders of tomorrow.  When recruiting in the future, be to recruit emotionally intelligent and Authentic leaders.  The reason for this is that they care about their people not just the task or bottom line.  In addition, they are able to deal with sensitive and difficult situations with ease and empathy. Behind the Mask is a book, coaching and training programme that deals with authenticity and understanding self and others at a deeper level. https://behind-the-mask-book.com/ https://afcconsultants.co.uk/personaldevelopment/behind-the-mask/

As a result Authentic leaders are able to develop deeper relationships, build trust and respect and are not frightened to show their vulnerabilities.  A great advocate of this is the New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Arden.  She displays an empathetic style of leadership which is her strength and not a weakness.

Virtual Delivery

During and post lock down many organisations are investing in online virtual training which has both advantages and disadvantages depending on the learning styles of the delegates.

Key benefits are costs, no travel, interactive activities in breakout rooms (if using Zoom), bespoke delivery aligned to the company needs and shorter sessions.

So…. seize this opportunity to reshape your organisation for the future.

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