Learn to be truly Authentic!

Over the last 14 or more weeks we have faced some challenging times, we can sometimes feel lost, disorientated and pulling in many directions. This is when it is especially helpful to find your own voice and be Truly Authentic.

To be Truly Authentic you need to ensure you follow the simple steps below:


Believe and appreciate yourself.

You will never be truly free until you have discovered our authentic self.  Whilst you are acting as an imposter, you are holding yourself back from living authentically.  Learn to appreciate yourself.


Learn from the people you admire

Think about people in your life who you admire the most i.e. friends, family, your partner, colleagues etc.  What traits attract you for instance: Are they considerate? Driven? Forgiving? Mirror the quality you like and have identified in others.


Don’t try to please everyone

Stop fretting about what other people are thinking about you.  Trying to please everyone is an impossible task as no matter what you do or say there will always be someone out there who will judge you.

Detox your relationships and associations 

Negative people have negative thoughts which you have no control over.  They drain your energy and can be toxic if you allow them to influence you.  Exclude them from your life.  When working and when online, socially minimise the contact you have with them and be civil.

Being Truly authentic will help improve self-confidence, help your career progress, manage stress and more.  Coaching would be a great way to really discover the Truly Authentic YOU.

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