Live your life authentically

The 5 incredible things you’ll notice when you start living your life authentically

Living in-authentically can be exhausting; it can be stressful; it’s generally just hard work. So, why do so many of us put ourselves through it?

Whether it’s to get ahead at work, to win over a romantic partner, or to live up to parenting expectations, it’s all too common for individuals to wear the mask of the person they feel they’re supposed to be rather than who they want to be. This could be because they’re following somebody else’s lead or expectations set by society, or even that they feel their unique personality wasn’t well received once upon a time.

I spoke about what it means to live authentically in one of my previous blog posts. To reiterate, it means living your life according to who you know yourself to be, attributing high value to yourself that is completely independent of external approvals. And when you achieve this, you’ll be amazed how many different aspects of your life are transformed.

Here are just a handful of things you’ll begin to notice when you embrace your authentic self.

1. You will feel more confident

To be authentic, you must really know yourself. This means becoming entirely self-aware and connecting with your inner thoughts, dreams, desires, traits and aspirations. And you know what? In the process, you’ll discover that you’re actually rather wonderful!

You’ll realise that you have tonnes of talent, dreams and attributes on offer and there is no need to hide behind a mask. When you finally recognise this in yourself, you’ll become more and more confident in yourself, which will also have a positive knock on effect on your self-esteem.

2. You will build better relationships

When you get to know yourself better and live your life more authentically, you might find that your relationships transform over time. Some will change for the better, some for the worse – either way, it will happen for a reason, because anyone who doesn’t support you expressing yourself freely isn’t worth having around. The best relationships are built on honesty and communication, and the people who deserve to be in your life will appreciate this. They’ll be the individuals who you can be unapologetically yourself around and will bring the best out in you.

You’ll probably even find that you develop enriching new relationships too, as you learn to embrace your authentic self and forge more genuine connections with people.

3. You will feel happier and more energised

When you express yourself genuinely and behave in a way that comes naturally to you, you won’t be expending needless energy on filtering your words or maintaining a facade. You’ll feel as though a weight has been lifted from your shoulders and you’ve got a new found freedom to enjoy life how you please.

You’re responsible for your own happiness and once you recognise this you’ll become less reliant on other people to feel happy and driven.

4. You will get more satisfaction out of your job

The workplace is one of the most common places that people feel the pressure to present a false version of themselves. This is usually because you feel you need to behave in a certain way in order to find success or be respected, but it’s actually your uniqueness that is likely to get you noticed.

Once you realise you’re better off being yourself and you can remove the stress of upholding an illusion, you’ll have more time to focus on the important things and strive towards your goals.  Being your authentic self at work will allow you to enjoy what you’re doing every day and find genuine satisfaction in your career.

5. You will have a greater sense of purpose

Being authentic can bring your attention to dreams and aspirations that you may have been suppressing or lacked the confidence to pursue before. It frees you to follow your passions and interests and in no time you’ll find real purpose in life.

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