Mental Health and Wellbeing

Tips for working at home!

Everyone loves the idea of working from home, but the reality is that you will either end up working much harder, or you will become the master of procrastination!  Working too hard, not taking breaks and allowing your working hours to affect your home life will cause distress.  Hence, long term could lead to mental health and wellbeing/ issues.

In a previous life I was a HR & Training Manager in corporate world for 20+ years.  I was trying to balance my career with my young family commitments and a big mortgage. During lockdown career professional such as yourself have been struggling to combine their career/job with home schooling young children.  Having spoken to a number of my colleagues in HR and L&D, by the sound of it many are tearing their hair out.

Eighteen years ago I walked away from my corporate career and set up my own business Aspiring Future Competence, a Coaching and L&D consultancy.  AFC help busy professionals get visible, get heard and get ahead in their career.

I have put together a few hints and tips of the things I have learnt over the past 18 years of working from home:

  1. Set yourself a time limit 

    Set a time limit on your tasks.  Ensure you get up and stretch your legs, grab yourself a cuppa and walk around the house or garden (if you have one).

  2. Going to work

    Start your day as you would if you were going into work i.e get dressed for work (don’t sit in your pyjamas) and log on at your usual start time. 

  3. Take a proper lunch break

    It’s too easy to grab a snack from the kitchen and take it back to your desk and carry on working.  Make your lunch and go and eat it in another room or if possible meet a friend for lunch or take lunch with a member of your family.

  4. Get Organised

    Clear your emails first thing in the morning. Diarise times to make your calls and schedule important tasks into your diary to ensure you achieve these on the relevant day and time.  As a result, you are more likely to hit your deadlines and keep your client’s satisfied.

  5. Make sure you get some fresh air

    If at all possible sit outside and work or at least go for a 10-30 min walk at lunchtime.  The body needs fresh air and sunlight, it requires Vitamin D in order to thrive.

  6. Relaxation and Exercise – Mental Health & Wellbeing

    First of all, ensure you do some form of relaxation or exercise during your working week. You need to do this ideally before or after work.  Furthermore, try some mindfulness/meditation during the working day to help you relax.  Exercise and meditation are ways in which you can avoid long term mental health and wellbeing issues.

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