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Stand out from the crowd and be authentice

Speaking opportunity – Authenticity in the workplace

A big thank you …

A big thank you to Incisive Media for hosting me at the 2020 COVER Mental Health & Well-being Summit in London on 12th March. It was an honour to be speaking about Authenticity in the workplace and the effects that being In-authentic long-term has on your health and well-being. The talk was based on the article below called Authenticity in the Workplace..

Furthermore, I would also like to thank Adam Saville and Joe McLean and their teams at Incisive Media for organising such a brilliant event. Despite the effects of the Coronavirus outbreak and last minute drop outs from key people, the conference went off without a hitch.

Finally, I would like to mention Lizzie Pickering film producer and Grief Investigator) and Luke Ashworth founder for an insightful keynote opening discussion on Grief in Conversation. This particular subject is extremely pertinent to me and my family at this moment in time. I will be talking about Grief in some future posts and the effects it has on family, individuals and health.

Authenticity in the workplace

Have you ever felt that there’s a part of your personality that you keep to yourself? Yet, for one reason or another, you don’t reveal to other people, as much as sometimes you’d love to let it loose? Perhaps it’s out of fear of judgement. Or it could even be down to the ideals that society has projected onto you about how you should or should not behave.  We hide our true ‘personality’ for all sorts of reasons but waiting to be set free is your ‘authentic self’.

Maybe you are spending your life trying to be someone else for whatever reason. This could be due to the need to conform or believing you have to act in a certain way in order to be seen as credible and respected. Conformance is encouraged from many directions:

  • Parents (upbringing)
  • Relatives
  • Bosses
  • Teachers
  • Culture
  • To please others

Acting ‘professionally’

Most noteworthy, during our careers we are told to behave ‘professionally’, but what does that actually mean.  Does it mean that we become someone else at work, nowadays its known as ‘The Imposter Syndrome’.  This is derived from our feeling that we need to conform to a pattern of behaviour that fits in with the organisational culture?  When we are acting as the imposter we are behaving in-authentically and wear a mask at work to hide our true self.  Therefore, when we leave our place of work we take off our mask and revert to other alter ego (our authentic self) with our acquaintances, friends and family?

Our day-to-day lives are so busy and full, that we fail to analyse our behaviour and realise that we are not living authentically. Hence, if you can relate to what has been described so far, you may be living behind a mask or as an imposter.  In my recently published book ‘Behind the Mask’ will be able to discover your values, analyse the areas of your life where you are unfulfilled or unhappy and identify the true you.

Below are 7 top tips on Authenticity in the workplace – how to be authentic at work.

1. Understand why other people’s opinions matter to you

First of all in order to successfully change the way that you think, it’s helpful to first understand why you are thinking that way. Why does it matter to you so much what other people think of you? Get feedback from your boss, peers and those who you are responsible for.

2.Focus on what really matters

In a similar vein, identify what really matters to you? What are your core values and who are the most important people in your life? Furthermore, if you’re satisfied with the person you are and have quality relationships with people who love and respect you, what other people think of you becomes significantly less important.

3.Don’t try to please everyone

Trying to please everyone is an impossible task as no matter what you do or say there will always be someone out there who will judge you. 

4.Detox your relationships and associations

Negative people have negative thoughts which you have no control over how they think or behave.  Negative people are a drain on our energy and can be toxic if you allow them to influence your thoughts, behaviours and life.  You can take action to exclude them from your life.  If they are people who you have to work with, then be civil but ensure that you minimise the contact you have with them and keep a positive mind-set.  Do not allow yourself to be drawn into their negative emotions.

5.Direct your energy to something positive

We spend a lot of time and energy that you waste fretting about what other people are thinking about you (when they’re most likely not!) you could be achieving something positive.  Also direct your energies into tasks and challenges that will get positive results and don’t sweat the small stuff that will deliver minimal return.

6.Find yourself

This might sound clichéd, but you’ll never be truly free until you have discovered your authentic self. Furthermore whilst you are wearing the mask of the person (imposter) you are holding yourself back from living authentically.

7. Live Authentically

Self-awareness is the cornerstone of authenticity. Once you have identified who your authentic self is and what your core values are, you can take the steps to living your most authentic life possible.

If you would like to learn more about Authenticity in the workplace or get hold of a copy of ‘Behind the Mask’ contact me Andrée Funnell on 07702 818665 or complete the contact form on this website