Behind the Mask

What’s it about?

Personal Development – Behind the Mask explores why being authentic is essential in terms of being transparent and fulfilled and helps you look how to balance personality with professionalism. Being authentic is a positive leadership quality as it embeds trust, dependability and reliability between leader and followers. Authentic leadership is complex and it’s an ongoing process by which leaders gain self-awareness and establish open, transparent, genuine and trusting relationships. This training course is the starting point in the journey for discovering the authentic self. As the Harvard Business Review declared in January 2015, “Authenticity has emerged as the gold standard for leadership.”

Who should attend?

This course is aimed at Middle and Senior Managers who hiding behind the mask. They may be struggling to be their true self in the working environment and this may reflect on their ability to influence others.  It may also be that these people are suffering from stress that perhaps has been caused by personal (internal) pressure they are placing on themselves by not living to their true values and being their authentic self, hiding behind the mask, giving them confidence and helping them live the life they truly want.

Course Overview  

  • Identify with who they are as individuals, their map of the world and what makes them unique

  • Present themselves in a positive way so that others relate to them in a positive manner

  • Identify their core values and whether they are living the values to be authentic and fulfilled in life

  • Understand how emotions can affect everything we think, feel and do

  • Define the root cause of emotion and how to manage and control one’s emotions

  • Identify the learned beliefs that shape many of our emotions

  • Understand how you are perceived by others

  • Cultivate awareness of others emotions and respond accordingly to get the best results from the situation

  • Explore Self-awareness – are we choosing our responses, or are they habitual

  • Understand how to respond to others emotions, verbally and non-verbally

  • Use emotional intelligence skills to motivate, engage and empower team members

  • Map the causes of stress both personal and in the workplace

  • Identify the physical and behavioural symptoms of stress – recognising changes in self and others.


What are the benefits of attending? 

  • You will be able to identify, measure and manage your own and others emotions

  • You will learn how to stop hiding Behind the Mask and learn how to present your authentic self and feel at ease with the true you

  • You will have a greater self-awareness regarding the impact you have on your internal and external clients

  • To look at yourself inwardly and identify your strengths and vulnerabilities and define what makes you unique

  • Understand your core values and be able to define whether you are living your values in order to be authentic thus enabling you to lead and influence others more effectively and fulfil your true potential

  • Find it easier to form and maintain interpersonal relationships and fit into group situations easier

  • Have a better understanding or own psychological state which will include managing stress


Duration: – 1 day

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