Communication Excellence

What’s it about?

 The way you interact with others can be the key to your success it can also be your downfall.  This course teaches you how to Communicate with Excellence utilising some NLP techniques to enable you to build rapport and capitalise on your interpersonal skills and the impact you have on others.

The course aims to provide participants with new ways of communicating effectively to obtain optimum results and get the best out of people and situations.

Who Should Attend?

 Business professionals who are looking to improve their communication and interpersonal skills to help build sustainable business relationships and use effective communication to improve performance outcomes.

Course Overview

  • To understand and apply the skills necessary for communication

  • excellence

  • Communication styles and rapport building

  • Crafting your role – accountability and impact

  • The importance of planning and process

  • Apply the art and science of influence: body language and listening

  • Push/pull Relationships

  • Enhance your professional image and personal capital

  • Identify different thinking styles to be more persuasive

  • Understand fear and positive psychology

  • Use questioning techniques to uncover needs and identify issues

  • Achieve the best outcomes whatever the proposal, situation or personality

What are the benefits of attending?

  • To understand Communication Excellence and identify the traits of a relationship builder

  • Be more influential and effective with people

  • Identify different communication and thinking styles

  • Banish fear and use the principles of positive psychology

  • To understand how to capitalize on your existing skills

  • To develop the tools and strategy to be more effective both in verbal and non-verbal delivery and its impact on others.

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