Emotional Intelligence

What’s it about?

 Emotional Intelligence means “The capacity to be aware of, control & express one’s own emotions and to handle interpersonal relationships judiciously and empathetically” – The key to both personal and professional success.

Leaders who are Emotionally Intelligent get enhanced results and inspire  the most loyalty, but what does being Emotionally Intelligent really mean? This course helps individuals deepen their knowledge and understanding of their own and other peoples’ emotions in order to improve working relationships.

It is intended to provide the participants with an overview of the subject of Emotional Intelligence, to deepen their knowledge and understanding of their own and other people’s emotions in order to improve their working relationships and increase performance by learning to control their own emotions whilst understanding the emotions of others.


Who should attend?

 Middle and Senior Managers who maybe struggling to be their true self in the working environment and this may reflect on their ability to influence others.  It may also be that these people are suffering from stress that perhaps has been caused by personal (internal) pressure they are placing on themselves by not living to their true values and being their authentic self, give them confidence and help them live the life they truly want.


Course Overview

  •  What are emotions and what effects do they have on us?

  • What makes us think, feel and act the way we do?

  • Recognising our emotions and how they impact on our behaviour.

  • Assessing current levels of emotions. competence and areas we would like to handle better.

  • Exploring Self-awareness – are we choosing our responses, or are they habitual?

  • How to manage and control one’s own emotions.

  • How to respond to others emotions, verbally and non-verbally.

  • How to identify emotion and behaviour in others and tackling difficult subjects.

  • Understand how our emotions and behaviour affect our leadership style.


What are the benefits of attending?

  • Understand how working relationships can be improved

  • Understand and identify your underlying emotions and how they affect your behaviour

  • Be able to deal more effectively with others and own emotions

  • Be able to respond to others emotions and effectively deal with the situation resulting in a positive outcome

  • Align your feelings, emotions with others and show empathy

  • Understand the effect core values and beliefs have on your behavioural response


Duration – 1 day


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