Influence with Impact

What’s it about?

Successful leaders need to have a significant presence or gravitas in order to effectively Influence others with Impact.  Being able to consciously create and sustain a positive, powerful impression from the moment you enter a room is a skill.  By improving your credibility you will be seen as more confident have a greater ability to influence ideas and decisions and engage others.

Influence with Impact is designed to make you aware of how you are perceived in terms of your impact on others and ability to influence others, the course will provide you with some tools and techniques to enable you to operate in at a higher level of impact to influence your level of engagement with others.


Who should attend?

 Senior and Middle Managers and Sales Executives who are looking to present themselves in a positively with impact to achieve win/win outcomes with their various stakeholders, team and networks. You are probably working under pressure and need help to enhance your credibility while handling challenging demands and situations.  You will also be able to identify how you are perceived by others and understand how to improve the way they interact with them.

The aim of the course is to provide participants with the skills and confidence to negotiate successful outcomes in their everyday situations.  It is highly interactive and delegates will be required to influence and negotiate a number of issues and constructive feedback will be provided to identify the impact they have on others.  This course will demonstrate how to come out of negotiation situations successfully.

This programme will enable individuals to build rapport and capitalise on using interpersonal skills with real presence and impact.


Course Overview

  • Understand the impact of your actions on others

  • Understand how you are perceived by others

  • Communicate with impact using verbal and non-verbal communication to influence positive outcomes.

  • Influence and persuade others in order to achieve positive outcomes and win-win conclusions.

  • Maintain and build sustainable relationships through effective interpersonal skills.

  • Identify your own communication and thinking styles and how these impact others

  • Recognise and empathise with other people’s feelings

  • Understand how to control the room assertively and gain gravitas in the process.

  • Explore Self-awareness – are we choosing our responses, or are they habitual?

  • Understand how to respond to others emotions, verbally and non-verbally

  • Understand how to engage an audience through story telling

  • Be authentic with your personal impact and influence

  • Create and sustain your own Action/Development plan

What are the benefits of attending?

  • To be able to Communicate with Excellence to improve interpersonal relationships

  • To present yourself in a positive way to achieve identified objectives and outcomes

  • Greater self-awareness regarding the impact you have on your internal and external clients

  • Influence any given situation and understand both parties point of view

  • Understand the effect your behaviour has on business relationships and results in effective outcomes and/or sales consultations. 

  • To build greater rapport, exude gravitas and personal effectiveness and impact in any situation.

  • To be able to build on all your existing skills and ensure you make maximum use of your ability to be agile and adapt to customer situations.


 Duration 2 days


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