Mental Resilience and Managing Stress

What’s it about?

During our lives we all experience pressure, in our work environment, home, family, how we deal with that pressure and the actions we take are imperative as they will determine how we deal with stress. Resilience the ability to bounce back from adversity and feel stronger and able to cope better.  Stress on the other hand has a detrimental effect on our performance, it makes us behave inappropriately. In order to cope well at work we need the skills to learn how to respond well to these difficult situations.

Resilient people demonstrate greater flexibility, energy and mental agility which enables them to perform at their optimum level.  The course provides you with some tools to overcome challenges and have greater Mental Resilience.  It also helps you to recognise the symptoms and sources of stress and will introduce you to different techniques to manage these and will help improve performance and overall wellbeing in your life.


Who should attend?

Anyone who is currently feeling dis-empowered, overwhelmed, struggling to cope and stressed and is looking to understand how and why they are feeling like this and help in finding ways in which to cope better.

Course Overview

  • Recognise subtle stress signals before they become chronic

  • Describe the ways to deal with building resilience in the face of change and uncertainty

  • Learn powerful techniques to boost performance, resilience and quality of life

  • List the benefits of coherence for personal and work effectiveness

  • Understand how to be less reactive , think clearly and make good decisions under pressure

  • Describe Intelligent energy self-regulation techniques


What are the benefits of attending?

  • Have greater Mental Resilience to overcome obstacles and challenges in life

  • To understand what stress means to you

  • Recognise the physical and behavioural symptoms of stress in yourself and others

  • How to increase resilience while reducing stress, worry and fatigue and exhaustion.

  • Enhance your performance

  • Improve your health and well being

  • Regulate your emotions in the moment

  • Renew your energy and build your capacity to manage life’s challenges

  • Promote the body’s natural regenerative processes

  • Enhance the ability to think clearly and find better solution

  • Enhance ability to maintain composure during challenges

  • Becoming more intelligent about how you use your energy and replenishing your energy reserves

  • Learn some simple techniques that can be used to promote wellbeing and understand how massage can aid relaxation and promote health and wellbeing.


Duration – 1 day

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