Presentation Skills

What’s it about?

Presenting confidently is an essential business skill. Whether you’re delivering a client presentation, or speaking internally, presentation skills are crucial – and many people have a real fear of public speaking. You can feel self-conscious, often showing this in your body language or a wavering voice. This course will provide you with some ideas on how structure an effective presentation, questioning and listening skills and the impact your verbal and visual presence has on others.


Who should attend?

The course is intended for all levels of management and is aimed at anybody who speaks to individuals or groups, or makes presentations to colleagues or clients and for those that want to deliver presentations more effectively or dread standing up in front of an audience.


Course Overview

  • Start with the end in mind – Identify a clear objective

  • Tips on preparation and why it is so important

  • How to be more confident and say goodbye to nerves

  • Identify the 3 v’s of communication and how to use them accordingly to deliver your message with positive impact

  • Using vocal skills to give authority and projection to the voice

  • Questioning techniques – ask the right questions and handle questions effectively 

  • Listening skills and how to identify whether the audience is listening

  • Visual Aids and Visual Impact


What are the benefits of attending?

  • Feel confident to present in any situation

  • Enhance the clarity and power of your voice

  • Maintain audience attention throughout your session

  • Be able to identify visual and verbal signs of listening and understanding

  • Control of your body language and your nerves

  • Connect with your audience through body language and verbal expression

  • Create a convincing and memorable outcome

  • Focus attention on key points you want to get across – signposting audience

  • Anticipate and prepare for questions effectively

  • Deliver an effective and memorable presentation


Duration – 2 days

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