Recruitment – the faceless society

Do machines or people give better recruitment results?

Two thirds of people prefer face to face recruitment.  Why are we using digitalised processes?

Digital technology can provide efficient, cost-effective solutions across different areas of different businesses including recruitment & selection. Software, Chatbots and other technology tools can segment and filter large volumes of applications quickly.  It can also assist in the interview process and improve an organisation’s success rate in competing for talent.

Where the desired outcome is as much about establishing a lasting relationship, most noteworthy a more personal approach would yield better results?

A recent article from People Management notes that two thirds of job applications prefer face to face recruitment over automated or digitised processes. Furthermore, by putting focus on a good recruitment experience, employers give candidates a better impression of their organisation.  In addition they also elicit the best performance from candidates during the process and the organisation protects is brand image.

As an ex HR Manager who has recruited in commercial organisations for 20+ years, we personally sifted the applications and made decisions.  Our decisions were based on content of the CV, skills, experience and achievements. We did not rely on a machine to do this for us. We also acknowledged every application and sent invite for interview or reject letters that were personalised.

Lack of personal approach

Why in the current society and digital age do recruitment consultants and HR Managers feel that it is acceptable to rely on digitised processes and ignore applicants.  They treat people appallingly and like commodity.

It takes seconds to send a response via email to a candidate to keep them informed of the status of their application   Furthermore, most recruitment software applications such as CV Library have a facility that allows you to tick a box that sends the appropriate email. So the question is WHY are recruiters not providing personal feedback and keeping their candidates engaged?

I have over the years witnessed poor recruitment practices carried out by consultants, agencies and organisations. Members of my own family have recently experienced these poor practices with a number of recruitment consultancies and organisations.

The main gripes are:

  • Lack of acknowledgement
  • Lack of feedback
  • Not personally reading the CV properly or at all
  • Mismatching the skills and experience in order to fit their client specification
  • Not agreeing the job and person specification before interview
  • Not being clear on the requirements for the role

Applicants are your most expensive asset so treat them with care and respect.

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