Tips for Working at Home

home working

Working from home is difficult. In order to achieve optimum performance it requires discipline and the ability to organise your working day.

1.  Get up at normal time


On a normal work day you would get up at a selected time in order to catch a train or leave at a certain time in order to beat the traffic. Just because you haven’t got to travel to work be careful of falling into the trap of having more time in bed.  Use the time wisely by doing something positive for the mind and body.


Tip  Get up just as early and get yourself ready for the day. Create a positive mind-set perhaps by starting the day with some mindfulness exercises, meditation or yoga or exercise.


2.  Make yourself a to-do list

Schedule the tasks that you are required to complete by the end of the work day.  The key to any successful and productive day is a to-do list. Prioritise your tasks and structure your day, and avoid searching and thinking for things to do by ensuring you use Covey’s Matrix of Important versus Urgent.


When working at home, ensure you are clear on what you want to achieve and when you need to do it by. The more tasks you see yourself ticking off your list, the more motivated you’ll be to achieve tasks and results.

Tip – Write a things to do list every day and review it at the end of each day.  Make sure you carry important tasks over to the next list of things to do.

3. Take Breaks

Working at home on your own is difficult, as we don’t have the interaction with work colleagues that we are used to. Neither do we have the opportunity to grab a cuppa with colleagues Taking breaks will be critical to your sanity but also make sure you rest your eyes from sitting in front of the computer.

Tip:  One way to add breaks into your schedule is by adding a daily calendar invite for 10 mins at 10:30 a.m. and 3:30 a lunch break of at least 30 mins and ensure you don’t eat in front of the computer.  If the sun is shining have lunch out in the garden.


4. Use Video Chat

Social distancing and lock-down is totally alien to us.  When working at home, our in-person contact with co-workers disappears.  In order to feel connected use media such as Video Chat to communicate with others.


Tip: Try to use the video function of Zoom, WebEx, MS Teams, and other programs. We realise many people are not comfortable being in front of a camera; however, doing so will allow you the opportunity to see your friends and colleagues and, in turn, it will give the impression that you are still connected.



5. Make sure you have some me time

Make sure you build in some ‘me’ time to your day.  If you normally to the gym prior to work or after work then do some exercise, either a walk. Jog, bike ride or an on-line exercise session.  If it’s possible do it a lunchtime this will help break your day up and you will feel refreshed and invigorated for the afternoon.

Tip: Build time in your day to do something that makes you happy and fulfilled.


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