Why does Leadership matter?

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I often hear people asking about Leadership, what defines it and what are the key traits? This article provides an insight into Leadership.  

Leadership qualities are what every parent universally wishes for in their children.

Parents hope that their children develop leadership qualities.  They know that leaders are people who are effective in what they do.  In addition, they are respected by others, and typically rewarded for those skills in a variety of ways. Therefore, it is in our formative years, we first see leadership as desirable and important.

As young people we look up to people around us that motivate and listen to us; people that seem like “real-life” heroes. We consider these people leaders who possess great leadership qualities.

During our developing years, we begin to relate leaders to their jobs – ministers, teachers, police officers, Presidents, CEO’s etc…

In adulthood, all of these thoughts and experiences define why we think leaders have desirable traits and are in roles we admire.

As a result, all of these experiences and thoughts help us define why leadership matters – leaders make a difference and can shape our future.

What is leadership?

Here are some key traits of a Leader:-

  • Someone who takes action and gets things done.
  • Sees opportunity and captures it.
  • Has empathy, compassion and involves others.
  • Identifies a vision for the future and helps others to see it.
  • A leader has followers.
  • They are able to encourage, influence and coach others effectively.
  • Is a change-maker and is not risk-averse.
  • A great communicator who listens to others’ view and opinions.
  • Has passion and charisma.
  • Is motivational and inspiring.
  • A leader values results and achievements made by others.
  • Are able to make a difference in the lives of others.

Are People Born Leaders?

When people describe someone as a “born leader” they typically mean that the person has vision, and possess many of the above key traits. Furthermore, to be an effective and successful leader, you will possess key characteristics which some people are blessed with at birth.

First of all, successful leaders possess a variety of similar yet different innate characteristics.  Take Adolf Hitler and Martin Luther King, both are great leaders, yet possess different characteristics. Furthermore, there is no single small skill set that defines the perfect leader or guarantees success. Everyone is born with a unique set of natural abilities.  Hence, all of us can develop skills and styles to complement those natural abilities.

Most noteworthy, we all have the ability to be remarkable leaders.  Leadership isn’t about position or power; it’s about potential.

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